Digital Marketing Strategies

Over the last thirty years, people in the advertising and marketing field have had to pull up their socks and make strides just to keep up since the industry has been changing almost as fast as the days go by. There was a time that businesses relied on mass media to get their message to their target audience. At the time, mass media only involved radio, television and newspaper publication. However, with the rise of digital marketing, the term ‘mass media’ has found a whole new meaning. The biggest platform businesses have to work with nowadays is social media which has forced a lot of businesses to make the switch in order to remain relevant in today’s market. However, the question remains, what does digital marketing do for your business? What exactly are its benefits?  

For starters, digital marketing offers you a wider reach for your product, a global reach, since anyone with an internet connection can view your advert from anywhere in the world. You may wonder how this will work with the numerous businesses offering the same services advertising on almost a daily basis but the good news is that you can use a search engine optimization (SEO) company to make sure you increase your company’s visibility online which means that your company will rank higher in a search engine’s results. This gives your company a higher chance of being noticed than it would have been in traditional marketing.

Secondly, digital marketing offers you a longer service and a good return on investment. Taking out an advertisement in a publication only guarantees you a day or month of visibility while radio and television only guarantees you a few minutes each day. The thing is that with traditional media, advertisements are quite costly because of the monopoly of the market. However, social media has a wider reach which means that since anyone and everyone can access it, the monopoly disadvantage that makes marketing expensive no longer becomes an issue. With pocket friendly rates, digital marketing gives your company an online presence that is for life since what is posted online can always be accessed.

The next most important thing is being able to track the results. Digital marketing enables you to know just how many people your message has reached on a day to day basis. This is not the case with something like a newspaper advert which would not give you such statistics. What traditional marketing was doing essentially was blind marketing which was why most small businesses had such a hard time penetrating any given market. The high costs of marketing and un-guaranteed results just weren’t viable options. This way, you are able to tailor your next campaign to an even more specified audience which guarantees more results than a blanket campaign.

Search vs other Digital Marketing

Finally, you are able to personalise your sales. If you have a customer database linked to your website, then a customer can receive targeted offers every time he/she logs in. You can also use the database to personalise the rewards programme which will enhance your company’s customer experience.

In conclusion, digital marketing and search engine optimisation is definitely the next logical step for your business if you have not already taken this step. Young people and the older generation alike nowadays are making more informed purchasing decisions and only make purchases after hours and sometimes even days of research. Therefore, if your company does not have an online presence then, you stand to lose a lot in sales volume.